Tuesday, 17 March 2015

February Photo Dump

So, February has been awesome with InCoWriMo, but I did other stuff too! Like...

Attend Greg's wedding at Marina Bay Sands!

I wore a blue dress from Modcloth that I actually bought for Alvin's wedding last August. LOL. It just barely fit me - was sliding down my side -_-

I don't know why but I look so skanky and old here. LOL.

Pretty sure I posted this photo before, but look! A BUNLOAF <3

This very long-lasting flower baby got me the day before Valentine's Day when he had duty!

Baby took these photos for me on my last Wednesdayswewearpink. This is so terrible HAHAHAHA.

Smokey started to try to get my attention, so...

LOOK AT HER FACE. She wants to murder the both of us in our bed.

But I think she loves me anyway :) I stopped doing the pink on Wednesdays at the end of February. No explanation, just lost interest lol. I did it for like almost a year though!

Reunion dinners all around.

The third or fourth day of CNY is always my grandma's birthday.

Selfie test with my phone VS Ian's...

Temple with the baby.

YES I'M STILL INTO SLEEPING DOGS. Also I found a friend! HEHE. I also killed him. Remember the easter egg, the dude with one arm and two toes?

My first dip pen letter, sigh, it was terrible. Done with walnut ink.

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